600C 3

Watchdog 600c


The WatchDog 600c features an HVAC quality condensate pump, making installation a breeze. With a capacity of over 60 pints per day and a COP of 2.62 L/kWh, the unit is quite effective at maintaining homes up to 11,000 ft3. In addition, the Watchdog 600c includes user friendly features such as a digital display, low temperature operation, and auto-restart. The 600c is also compatible with optional upgrades including a remote control, duct collar kits, Wi-Fi remote sensors and controlled ventilation.

Additional Features

Energy Factor2.6 L/kWh
Drain Hose Length20 ft.
Lowest Temperature Operation33-105°F
Max Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)135 CFM
Number of Filters/TypeMERV-10
Refrigerant TypeR-410A
Power Cord Length10 ft.
Max Noise Level56 dBa
Height12 in.
Width12 in.
Depth23 in.
Weight60 lbs.
Voltage115V/60 Hz